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Marketing Monday: Social Media Marketing Tips to sell your home


NEWS FLASH!!!! The days of selling your home in the newspaper are almost OVER!  Yes, I said it.  I’m a young 30-something who understands the way the consumer market is evolving.  If you’re still putting ads in the newspaper you’re WASTING YOUR MONEY!

Think about this, when someone is getting moved to our area, most likely it’s with SHORT notice, from out of state, and with little to no time (or money) to be able to come to the local grocery store to pick up your real estate magazine and flip through homes.  NO NO NO!!! They are finding your home online.

Now, you may think that’s easier said than done b/c you can just put it online and now everyone sees it.  NOPE WRONG AGAIN!  You have to hustle. You have to get down to the target audience you want seeing this home and market to them.   Go where they are.

In the wonderful world of online advertisement, there are very few places where more eyes will see you ad than social media.  Yup- I said it..Get over it….  In this game we call life you have to go where the people are to reach the people right? Well, that’s social media.  If your agent doesn’t have a presence on social, you are missing a HUGE audience.

Below are some tips for marketing your home on social–

1. Post photos on Instagram to generate leads.

2. Have a presence on Facebook.

3. Tweet to promote listings.

4. Create a hashtag for your home

5. Be hands-on in your management of social media accounts. Don’t let leads fall through the cracks.

If you would like a run down of how we sell homes using social media please email me or call (615) 584-0377

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