Guides to Fayetteville

The Hippie’s Guide to Fayetteville

What kind of Hippie are you?  Does meditating by moonlight sound incredible? Or a flower-crown-making class instead? Find your “Hippie Type” below and discover the local activities in Fayetteville, North Carolina to match!

The Bougee Hippie

Fayetteville’s 1st ever Vegan-Fest is next weekend: June 23rd. For the high-class hippie who prefers to eat out, this will be a plant-based-palooza! Looking to recharge? All of the good energies of ocean waves and salty sea water can be felt during a float at Floating Shanti. The luxe shampoos provided during the “pre-wash” do not hurt either. (Veteran-owned.)

The Flower-Power Hippie

Experience “grounding” with the Earth during a run through fields of flowering pink blossoms. The Orchard Blossom 5K Run at Millstone Creek Orchards is an annual event held in nearby Ramseur. It doesn’t get more scenic than this! Fayetteville’s “Flower Power” stems from the creatives at Gathered.  Lookout for their flower-crown-making classes. (Military-spouse owned.)

The Meditation Hippie

Moon-Gazing Mediation at Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center promises a mind and body shift pulled by the moon’s energy. The classes are planned on peak-moon nights. Prima even hosts FREE essential oil classes if you are interested in becoming an “Oily” Hippie. Those who meditate better over beer should check out Hayat Yoga Shala. Graceful owner Hayat Hakim found yoga during her own military deployment and has continued to bless Fayetteville with her healing yoga ever since. With sign-up of a Yoga & Beer class, one tasty local brew is included! Hayat’s humor is another bonus. (Veteran-owned.)


The Artsy Hippie

Henna for Beginners is a small-size class designed to train hippies in this mezmorizing plant-based art medium. Attendees will leave with a complimentary design from Jannah herself. Jannah’s Henna Call for the latest class dates. This would be a unique activity for Hippie-baby-showers!

The Garden-Gnome Hippie

Fayetteville Sustainable Neighbors is a local powerhouse of people passionate about sustainable food and living. They educate on bee-keeping, food-wellness classes, farm-to-table kids demos, and neighborhood gardening. Complimentary organic-coffee grounds area available seasonally from The Coffee Cup.  The grounds act as a natural fertilizer for your garden and have been rumored to repel mosquitoes too. Military-spouse owned.)

The Crunchy-Granola Hippie

The Household 6 Catering in Fayetteville specializes in Gluten-free granola. Small batches are made with sweet dried fruit and nuts for crunch. Add the gourmet mix to a dollop of yogurt to please even the pickiest mini-Hippie. (Veteran-owned.)

Photo credits: Gathered, Floating Shanti, Brittany Campbell, Fayetteville Sustainable Neighbors, The Household 6 Catering.


  1. So cool! We love Sustainable neighbors and our Director of Food Education at Guiding Wellness Institute, Marsha Howe😁
    There are so many holistic health providers and businesses in Fayettevile and we are happy to be among the group of people who have been serving the community since 2002!!


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