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4 Harry Potter Picks near Fort Bragg

Harry Potter School of Magic Camp | Ages 3-12

June 18-22, 9am-4pm. Harry Potter quests will challenge kiddos exercise their muscles and their imaginations. Flexible 1 hour, 3 hour, and 7 hour-days to fit every parents schedule. Anticipate House relays, crafty magic, and wizardry.
(Military-spouse owned.)


Butterbeer Painting | Ages 16+

June 22, 7pm. Pack yourself some bubbles and head straight Downtown. Butterbeer inspired-art will be the reminder year-round to drink craft beer and believe in magic. With three local breweries nearby, you can continue to celebrate beer.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 8.49.20 AM

Live Orchestra of Azkaban |All ages welcome

November 9-11. The North Carolina Symphony is bringing to life Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, through the talent of their more than 66 musicians! Spooky compositions will float through the air alongside the beloved film. A short broom-ride from Fort Bragg is the concert hall: Raleigh’s Duke Center of Performing Arts. Come Fall, experience the eery and beautiful music that made us all fall in love with the magic.


Cookie Wizardry|All ages welcome

Far tastier than “Mrs. Dursley’s Pudding”, are the lemony-iced confections of Cookie Cutter Cookies. Cookie wizard Skyler is hauntingly beautiful and so are her cookie creations! Muggles can even book Skyler for a cookie-class to learn her frosting magic.
(Military-spouse owned.)


*Not affiliated with Harry Potter.
Photo credit: The Little Gym of Fayetteville, Wine&Design of Fayetteville, Duke Energy Center Raleigh, Cookie Cutter Cookies, Business Insider.
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