PCS Tips & Hacks

7 PCS-Hacks to Survive until the Movers Arrive

PCS-Season usually brings tears. Tears you are leaving friends that have become like family. Tears you have to travel cross-country with animals, and your pets too. Haha. Tears from the stress of job-searching again. Here are our top 7 PCS-Hacks to surviving the move BEFORE the furniture arrives.

1.Checkout items FREE from the Army’s Lending Closet.
Link to Fort Bragg’s
Families PCSing to or from Fort Bragg can borrow everything from pans and microwaves, to cribs and mattresses. “Items are loaned for a designated period of time while waiting shipment or travel.”

2. Command-hook EVERYTHING!
No seriously, this is a cheap way to get organized quickly. Hang backpacks, shower caddies, double them up to hold a roll of tin foil or paper towels. Command-hooks are especially great for renters who need damage-free removal.

Interview and no iron? Use your straightener.
(We used this hack today for my husband’s interview!) Place a towel down then your clothes on top. Start with the wrinkles in the center with the straighter held open and smooth wrinkles from the inside out. Towards edges, the straightener will close for a crisp edge.

4. Nobody wants to spend money on trash cans. So DON’T!
Pop up a trashcan anywhere you need one while recycling your grocery bags. Grab a couple of markers and entertain the kids while you unpack the rest from a grocery trip. If you are dying to decorate, cut petals from the paper and pin-up into flowers on the wall.

5. When the funk won’t stop…
Clip a car-air freshener to your vents and say bye-bye to that funky smell. Missing your Hawaiian home? Look for tropical scents to transport you. Go with the smell that comforts the whole family while you adjust.

6. The storm BEFORE the Wi-fi. The local library has your back!
Libraries are a cool resource if you know how to use them. Snag one piece of mail with your name and new address printed, and get the whole family signed up with library cards for free. Get out of the house and enjoy the free computers, check out books, movies and magazines, to entertain without WiFi.

7. No car space for furniture? Enter the yoga ball. 
Part chair, part footrest, exercise ball, and an entertaining game for the little people. Deflate the ball during transport. Then inflate it easily with your air mattress pump. Use it to stretch your spine after long hours of traveling.

Photo Credits: Charles Woodruff, Lifehacker Clean Eating Veggie Girl, MWR.
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