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Fayetteville Feature: Dirtbag Ales Farmers Market

The Dirtbag Ales Farmers Market is a beautiful concoction of Dirtbag Ales and Sustainable Sandhills working together to bring Cumberland County an event with delicious local products. Located in Hope Mills, North Carolina, DBA has created a sanctuary that is perfect for the whole family–even the fur-babies.

Every Sunday until October 28th there will be a Farmers Market at 5423 Corporation Drive. Come out to support your community and participate in Sustainable Sandhills’ mission of saving the planet while preserving the environment.

Beyond the farmers market, Dirtbag Ales also offers a playground, dog park, and beer. So when we say fun for the whole family, we mean it!


We sent one of our own, ChrisAnn Ruhlman and her family, to the Dirtbag Ales Farmers Market recently. The whole family had a great time, meeting local vendors and taste testing some great treats on tap.

Their first visit was to the kombucha lady of Fayetteville from Prima Elements Wellness Center with multiple fresh varieties of homemade kombucha! Kombucha is a fermented and sweet black or green tea drink with many health benefits.

Here’s the link to their Facebook.


Beehive Yourself had several different varieties of honey available for tasting. His flavors ranged from ginger, wildflower, chocolate, strawberry, and more! ChrisAnn raves about the ginger and chocolate honeys. Even the kids got in on tasting the artisan bee-products.

Check out his Facebook here!

In addition to the local kombucha and honey, DBA has several treats on tap. ChrisAnn and her husband tried the Red IPA and the Sangria, which were both huge hits. Bring the pup to the dog park or a soccer ball to kick around the field and sip away your troubles at this amazing local event.

Stay cool in the heat and give the kids a treat with some authentic shave ice, courtesy of a hard working woman teaching her children all about customers and money.

The Paper Heart Boutique is a regular at the market with super cute and crafty pieces for the home.  Find their Facebook page here!

Are you accustomed to milk from a farming community? Look no further because this milk is legit! ChrisAnn gave it a rave review, stating that it is thick and creamy and absolutely delicious! She said the chocolate milk tastes like a chocolatey milk shake.

Check out their business downtown at the Downtown Market and find them on Instagram as gotncmilk.

Our Cumberland County community has so much to offer and the Dirtbag Ales Farmers Market, happening every Sunday through October 28th, is a huge contribution.  The ever changing vendors and food trucks support the event in full force, many of whom return week after week with their produce, honey, and real dairy farm milk.

10am to 2pm, Sundays.  Be there or be square.  Drink local.


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