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Hurricane Florence in Cumberland County

We at The Signature Group remember all too well the impact of Hurricane Matthew on our community just two years ago. While one storm cannot and should not be compared to another, we are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Florence and would love to encourage everyone in the Carolinas to prepare.

At this point, Hurricane Florence is not looking good. We are not meteorologists or disaster experts, therefore we do not aim to add our own advice to the mix, but provide resources for those in Cumberland County. We love our community and encouraging everyone to be prepared and safe is important!

Meteorologist Brad Panovich says that you should run from flooding and hide from winds. He also advises to leave bottled water for those who need it and instead fill containers in your house with tap water ahead of time. Please pay attention to the news and decide what is best for your family.

Follow this link to visit ready.gov to read about how to prepare for a hurricane. Be informed and plan ahead. Prepare NOW instead of later.

For Fayetteville information, visit the city website here.

Specific to Cumberland County, click here to follow this link for further links and important phone numbers for hurricane preparedness and recovery.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst! Praying that this storm turns and dissipates. Stay safe, everyone!

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