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24 Hours Before Hurricane Florence

Things you MUST DO 24 hours before Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is going to hit land pretty soon here. It is the last day to prepare. Make sure you have these items completely checked off before you go to bed tonight!

1. Have 1 gallon of water per person (and animal) per day. That means at least 3 to 5 gallons per person (and animal) would be ideal. You can fill empty containers, glasses, water bottles, bowls, tupperware, bathtubs, large plastic bins, etc. Anything that can hold water! You can even put water in tupperware and then put it in your freezer to keep your freezer items longer if the power goes out. You can use the water from your bathtubs to flush your toilets.

2. Have a three to five day supply of non-perishable food. Any meats should be cooked ahead of time.

3. Charge literally everything that has a battery. Unplug as many electronic items as possible once the storm rolls in to protect them from power surges.

4. Have cash on hand.

5. You will not be able to do laundry or run your dishwasher, so make sure you have all the clothes and dishes DONE.

6. Take photos of every corner of your house. Every room from every angle. Open drawers and take pictures of what is inside. Pay special attention to photographing your valuables.

7. Place any important documents in a waterproof container and/or ziplock bag. Things like deeds, titles, identification, tax docs, and insurance papers. Anything you don’t want to lose!

8. Have an excellent supply of batteries.

9. Other important things to have: baby wipes and hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, and a manual can opener.

10. Anything outside of your house that is not fastened to the ground will blow away! Fasten it or take it inside!

11. Move anything in your house that CANNOT get wet to higher ground.

12. Be prepared to evacuate. Have things packed and ready (in the car!) just in case you have to make a quick exit! This includes you AND your pets! They need food, water, and comfort too! Everyone will need blankets, clothes, food, and water.

13. Prepare your pets! Make sure they are wearing a tag and you have enough food and water for them.

14. Fill your cars with gas, as well as any gas tanks you have.

15. Make sure the fridge is on its coldest setting. Avoid opening it if you lose power.

16. Write down family phone numbers, addresses, and any other important information. If you lose power and/or your phone dies, you will need it.

17. Make sure you have plenty of medication to get you through the next few days. DO NOT forget this if you need to evacuate!

18. Have a car phone charger. If the power goes out, you can charge it in your car.

19. Cover outdoor electrical outlets.

20. Move cars into the garage or a sheltered area.

21. Turn off propane tanks.

Be prepared. Make a plan. Stay safe. Much love to all of you!

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