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25 Ways to Embrace Valentine’s Day When Your Spouse is Deployed

Most of us here at The Signature Group are military spouses and have spent our fair share of Valentine’s Days alone.

Despite how you might feel about the day in general, there is no way around the fact that sometimes Valentine’s Day as a military spouse is just hard.  Sometimes you just need to sit on the floor by yourself and cry it out.  Other times, though, we know you would much rather power through and thrive in this unique military life. Here are some practical ways to embrace Valentine’s Day when your spouse is deployed.


#1. Make the day about family. Whether with your kids, your family in town, or your army friends who basically feel like family.  Bake together, cook together, make memories together.

#2. Hit up RomCom Trivia Night at the Bright Light Brewing Company on the 14th.  Get a group of girls and friends together (who are spending the day “alone” as well) and pool your knowledge at this themed trivia night.

#3. Have a photo shoot (with just you, or you and the kids). Send the photos to your spouse! They are probably missing you too!

#4. Head to the Cape Fear Regional Theatre on the 13th to see Annie and enjoy their Galentine’s Day pre-party, complete with mimosas, sweet treats, hand massages and cuticle treatments.

#5. Write your Valentine an actual love letter, or get the kiddos to make cards to send to them while they are away.

#6. Have a girls night (Galentine’s Day) out or in. Ideas: Wine and Design or Escape Rooms are both local.  You could also stay in and host a Murder Mystery night!

#7. Host a Valentine’s Day play date. Your kids probably need some extra love too. Make it fun and peruse Pinterest for some Valentine’s Day themed ideas.

#8. Greg’s Pottery is having a discounted Girls Night on the 13th! Celebrate with your lady friends and tag each other on social media to get 13% off!

#9. Treat yourself to a nice dinner. Get all dolled up and go to a fancy restaurant you have been wanting to try.

#10. Head to downtown Fayetteville on the 13th with all of your ladies. Click here to see all the discounts and deals being offered.

#11. Get out and move. There’s nothing like working out or moving your body to turn your perspective around. Go on a walk, go on a drive, go to a workout class, hot yoga—ANYTHING that will get you moving and your endorphins going.

#12. Order in. Have some nice food delivered or get yourself a fancy dessert. Check out our list of food delivery services in Fayetteville here.

#13. Have a self-date. Get a mani-pedi, get a massage, or hire a cleaning lady for the day.

#14. Have a fancy bubble bath. Pick up some bath bombs, candles, hair mask, and a teak bathtub tray to have a date with your bathtub.

#15. Host a party! Invite friends and family, especially if their spouse is gone too. Have fun, be social, and allow yourself to have a blast.

#16. Take your kids on a date. Try out the Fascinate-U Children’s Museum, The Sweet Palette downtown, or even just the McDonalds dollar menu. Spend time together and get out of the house!

#17. Send a care package, or go shopping for one. If you didn’t think ahead to send a Valentine’s themed care package, go shopping on the 14th to pick out items for your next package.

#18. Play virtual games online together. If you can actually talk to your spouse on Valentine’s Day, play virtual games online to have a bit of fun together. has a lot of free options!

#19. Make yourself a candlelit dinner. Sometimes you just have to romance yourself! Make a fancy dinner, just like you would for your spouse, and treat yourself.

#20. Make yourself some cookies and remember how you and your spouse met and fell in love.

#21. Treat yourself to a gift, flowers, or chocolate.

#22. Have a Skype date. Schedule time to talk, even if it can’t be on the 14th. Watch a movie or show together if you can.

#23. Send an audio letter! Sometimes you just can’t talk on Valentine’s Day, as much as you would love to. Instead of writing a letter and waiting for them to receive it, send them an audio message telling them everything that you love and miss about them. They will cherish your words and the sound of your voice.

#24. Make a special plan for when they’re home. Plan a vacation, staycation, or special outing. Plan how you will introduce them to something fun and new you recently discovered, or make a way to vacation somewhere you have both wanted to go.

#25. Ignore the day. Go about your business. Nothing to see here. Just another day.


Have you ever tried something we haven’t mentioned? Leave it in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, give it a like. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and we will see you next time.


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