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Fayetteville Feature: MOD Pizza

We are a military family real estate team of agents with Keller Williams Realty, connecting you to Fayetteville, NC’s community and making Fort Bragg more than just a PCS.

We help buyers, sellers and investors navigate the real estate process. We ALSO love our active blog that highlights all of the positive aspects of America’s Hometown. We would love to be a resource for you concerning real estate (in any part of the world!), as well as Fayetteville and the Fort Bragg area!

Recently, our group had a team lunch at MOD Pizza.

This self proclaimed “superfast pizza experience” is a chain that puts the customer in charge of their dining experience. Much like one would build a sub, MOD is the place to build a pizza of your choice. Pick your size, your sauce, your cheese, your toppings, and have it all delivered in minutes, hot and fresh.


Like another beloved chain, Starbucks (you may have heard of it), MOD hails from the Pacific Northwest trending city of Seattle, Washington. Founded by a husband and wife in 2008, the MOD Squad was born and their culture is obvious and infections.

Upon entering the restaurant, you grab a spot in line, take a peek at the menu, and then inform the first person behind the counter if this is your first time. Most of us had never been to MOD before, and the delighted employee immediately began rapping our options to help walk us through the menu.

Yes, she started rapping.

Let’s just say, we applauded her when she was done and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from then on out.

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The staff was exceptional, the facilities were industrial and modern, with plenty of seating and a great environment. We recommend ordering the MOD size pizza, even just for one person. If you can’t finish it, take the rest to go or share with your friend who mistakenly ordered the small size. Put whatever you want on your pizza—different toppings do not add super secret hidden fees. They’ll call your name once your delectable pizza is done baking so fee free to get a drink, pay, and grab a seat!

From your typical pepperoni pizza with typical toppings, to artichoke hearts, barbecue sauce, chicken, sriracha, and more, you can completely customize your experience. Let your taste buds do the talking and jump feet first into one of our new favorite spots on Skibo Road, right next to World of Beer and Mission Barbecue.

Besides the food, we all adored the staff, running into people we knew, and having plenty of room for our entire team to sit together and enjoy.

We highly recommend MOD Pizza to anyone and everyone.

Should you have gluten free or vegan requirements, never fear, MOD is here. You can even construct a personalized salad if you just aren’t feeling like pizza. Pick up some delicious sides to push your meal over the top, like their garlic, cheesy or cinnamon strips.


For more information, check out their website here.  This “people before pizza” joint is high on our list of Fayetteville Foodie recommendations.

Have you and your family tried MOD Pizza yet? Let us know in the comments! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. We’ll see you next week!

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