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The Grandparent’s Guide to Fayetteville

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Today, we want to share with you our fun packed list of things grandparents can do with their grandchildren! Whether it is whipping up something fun in the kitchen or exploring something local together, we hope that you are inspired and excited to adventure in Cumberland County with your family!


33 Things Grandparents can do with their Grandchildren in Fayetteville

#1. Get milkshakes at Sonic and then play on the playground or the volleyball court. There are locations all around the county! Find one near you.

#2. Make personalized placemats. All you need is construction paper, your crafty tools of choice, and a laminator! These could be a fun craft around a holiday and to keep for later use.

#3. Get manicures and pedicures with the girls. The Candle Nail Bar on McPhereson Church is great.

#4. Make noisemakers. Great for the new year or to annoy parents, follow this link for some top notch noise makers that are easy and fun to make.

#5. Pick up breakfast together at Duck Donuts for the rest of the family. Let your grandkid pick out their own donut. There are two locations in Fayetteville—one on Skibo and one on Ramsey.

#6. Play croquet in the backyard on a sunny day. Get the kiddos out of the house, playing something they might not play anywhere else!

#7. Take a trip to a theatre for a movie date. Omni Cinemas has cheap tickets and weekly specials that include concessions. They are also attached to a fun family amusement center for more indoor fun that gets everyone out of the house.

#8. Go to a park, a playground, or even a park WITH a playground. Even if it is hot and you have to go in the evening. Get everyone out of the house to create memories together. Mazarick Park, Clark Park, Honeycutt Park, Arnette Park, Lake Rim Park, Massey Hill Recreation Center, etc. There are so many fun parks in the area!

#9. Play marco polo. Whether you’re in a swimming pool, in your backyard, or spending a rainy day inside. Have a fun game of marco polo!

#10. Beat the heat and enjoy a splash pad! Follow this link for a list of splash pads in the area.

#11. Bake some cookies together. Ask them what their favorite cookie is and have fun whipping them up together.

#12. Go out for frozen yogurt. Whether you love Menchies or sweetFrog, there are multiple locations around the area.

#13. Craft a bird feeder together. Set it up in the backyard and revisit it every time they come to visit. Make sure you have bird food, binoculars, and a good bird identifier.

#14. Visit the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens to explore the beauty of nature. Visit their website for ticket prices, membership options, and their events calendar.

#15. Play Simon Says! Whether you’re waiting for a table at a restaurant or fighting boredom at home, a good game of Simon Says is a great way to connect with little ones.

#16. Go downtown and get tea from Winterbloom, then explore Hay Street and the library. Go in any store that they want to explore.

#17. Set up a game of capture the flag and referee. This is particularly great if you have a lot of grandkids visiting.

#18. Go see a play together. The Cape Fear Regional Theatre shows The Best Christmas Pageant Ever every Christmas season and has become a tradition for many families. This year’s schedule is December 5-22, 2019.

#19. Do a puzzle together. Try an age appropriate puzzle that keeps their attention!

#20. Have a coffee/hot cocoa date at The Coffee Scene on Morganton. You could even go on an open mic night to hear locals perform music and poetry.

#21. Construct a cardboard box fort. Just be prepared to be labeled the best grandparent ever as a result.

#22. Attend a sporting event together. The Woodpeckers play baseball at Segra stadium in the spring and summer and the Marksmen hockey team play at the Crown during the fall and winter!

#23. Have a Sunday Sundae party. Break out all the stops and introduce them to ALL the toppings.

#24. Go paint mugs together at Greg’s Pottery.

#25. Print out free coloring pages and get crafty. You can even read to them while they color!

#26. Read a book together and start your own book club.

#27. Introduce them to Red Lobster biscuits.

#28. Sketch portraits of each other.

#29. Teach them a favorite game of the Carolinas—Corn Hole.

#30. Go on a license plate quest around town. Try to find all 50 states. You could even give them a map of the country so that they can color in the states you find together.

#31. Make hand print Christmas tree ornaments that they can give to their parents.

#32. Take your granddaughters to Ross or a second hand store and let them try on fancy dresses or silly clothes.

#33. Take them to the local children’s museum, Fascinate-U.


Have you and your family tried any of these ideas before? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like to let us know, and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. We put out blog posts like this one every month!

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