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102 Things to Do at Home During Coronavirus

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Many of us find ourselves at home during this time of uncertainty. While you initially may have appreciated how much time you could spend with our Netflix account, by this point you are probably looking for other ideas to fill your time.

For our local residents click here for a list of local restaurants that may deliver or do take out, and click here for Cumberland County COVID-19 resources.

From painting your nails, spring cleaning, and mowing your lawn, here are 102 things you can do from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.


#1. Make your bed every day.
#2. Have a movie night.
#3. Set up phone or FaceTime dates with friends and family.
#4. Do those home or craft projects you have always wanted to do or needed the time for.
#5. Declutter your home and donate unwanted items.
#6. Start journaling. Keep a record of this time in history!
#7. Begin an in depth skincare routine.
#8. Read the books you have always wanted to.
#9. Order take out and support the local economy!
#10. Teach your pet a new trick.
#11. Plan your dream trip.
#12. Get into the Podcast scene. Our team members have a thing for “Crime Junkie.”
#13. Work out and create health goals for yourself.
#14. Try a new yoga sequence.
#15. Stretch your body.
#16. Sign up for an online class.
#17. Get creative in the kitchen and cook something new.
#18. Have a photoshoot using the timer on your phone.
#19. Go on a walk or run.
#20. Redecorate or rearrange your furniture.
#21. Write thank you notes to the essential workers in your life.
#22. Bake something.
#23. Make a gift list for Christmas.
#24. Start a blog.
#25. Spring clean your house.
#26. Wash your windows.
#27. Learn another language. You can use the app Dualingo.
#28. Get crafty. Paint a picture, start a craft.
#29. Do your tax return.
#30. Make your plans for the holidays this year.
#31. Take an online personality quiz (Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram, DISC assessment) and learn about yourself and others.
#32. Create a homemade putt-putt/mini golf course.
#33. Make a fire pit in your backyard.
#34. Make an obstacle course and train it before you compete with others in your home.
#35. Improve your run time.

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#36. Make a slip-n-slide in the backyard.
#37. Stream a free online concert.
#38. Do a paint by numbers kit.
#39. Try a YouTube beauty tutorial.
#40. Learn the choreography to an old-school song.
#41. Find a new show to binge.
#42. Take all the books off your bookshelf and dust. Rearrange or alphabetize if you want.
#43. Catch up on sleep.
#44. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
#45. Have a tech or social media fast.
#46. Do a puzzle.
#47. Shop small or local businesses online.
#48. Learn more about a cause that is important to you.
#49. Knit something cozy.
#50. Learn calligraphy.
#51. Learn how to make floral arrangements.
#52. Check out this list of museums, zoos, and theme parks offering virtual tours.
#53. Put together a super attractive charcuterie board.
#54. Organize your tupperware.
#55. Watch all of the films that were nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.
#56. Draw a self portrait.
#57. Throw out your expired cosmetics and medications.
#58. Order photo prints or a photo book
#59. Write or update your will and organize your affairs.
#60. Watch all of the Star Wars films in chronological order.
#61. Use a hair mask.
#62. Begin a budget.
#63. Play board games with your family or over Zoom with your friends.
#64. Camp out in the living room with your family.
#65. Create a mission statement for your family.
#66. Try couples yoga.
#67. Play video games.
#68. Take a relaxing bubble bath.
#69. Create a playlist.
#70. Learn a new song on an instrument.
#71. Write an actual letter to someone you love.
#72. FaceTime with a friend and watch a movie together.

Things to do with kids:


#73. Print out coloring pages.
#74. Make a chalk mosaic on your driveway.
#75. Make a living room fort.
#76. Make your own movie.
#77. Play “the floor is lava” spontaneously.
#78. Play shadow tag outside.
#79. Make paper airplanes and see whose flies best/the farthest.
#80. Perform a play.
#81. Let a celeb read the bedtime stories.
#82. Have a puppet show.
#83. Watch animal live streams.
#84. Start reading a book series with them.
#85. Make a cardboard fort.
#86. Set up a treasure hunt, complete with an “X marks the spot” map.
#87. Have a picnic, either indoors or in your backyard.
#88. Have them help you with the chores.
#89. Download a stargazing app and go out at night to learn the names of the stars.
#90. Make a space for learning.
#91. FaceTime with family.
#92. Make your own play dough.
#93. Play card games.
#94. Play charades or pictionary.
#95. Make personalized pizzas.
#96. Encourage them to work out with you.
#97. Have them be a city planner and give them a huge piece of paper and colored pencils or pens to design their own town.
#98. Learn how to knit or crochet.
#99. Go camping in your own backyard.
#100. Make rock candy.
#101. Listen to an audio book.
#102. Play dress up.

Have you and your family done anything not on our list? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like to let us know, and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. We put out blog posts like this one every month!

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