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5 Featured Fayetteville Eateries

The Signature Group is a team of real estate agents with Keller Williams Realty, passionate about connecting you to Fayetteville and Pinehurst, North Carolina’s community and making Fort Bragg more than just a PCS.

We help buyers, sellers, and investors navigate the real estate process, and our expertise doesn’t stop there! We share our heart for our community through our blog and aim to highlight all of the positive aspects of America’s Hometown.

Today on the blog we are visiting five of some of our many favorite Fayetteville eateries, many of which are locally owned.



First up is Napkins! This locally sourced eatery with pub style food is a fun and complimentary addition to the famed Hope Mills brewery and taproom, Dirtbag Ales. Their aim is to utilize North Carolina made products that fit in with their ever changing seasonal menu. They combine southern classic dishes with other USA and world favorite food options. Their prime rib sandwich is a must try, and their fresh cut french fries, sauces made from scratch, and burgers stick around through all seasons.


New Deli

New Deli is a local and Keller Williams Fayetteville favorite staple. Not only is their food to die for, but their dessert menu is what takes the cake. Yours truly is ogling the grilled cheese options as we speak, while reminiscing about all of the dessert apples and chocolate covered strawberries I have devoured in my time. Be sure to share their dessert apples with a friend. Their Apple Pie Apple is a crowd favorite.


Pharaoh’s Village

Pharaoh’s Village was listed in the top 100 places to eat by Yelp in 2019, and we here at The Signature Group definitely agree. They are a family business that serves authentic and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Their kebabs, home made hummus, gyros, lamb, tabbouleh and other delicious dishes are from traditional family recipes passed down through generations. Be sure to follow your meal with traditional Turkish coffee or dessert, such as baklava or Turkish delight.


Will’s Grill

“The best burgers in Fayetteville,” come from this cozy establishment that serves 100% beef patties, hots dogs, sandwiches, and creative alternatives, such as their signature gourmet “Pretzel Bun” burgers. Eat local and support this popular, locally owned establishment that is adored by our team members.


Winterbloom Tea

While Winter Bloom doesn’t serve food, they recently got their liquor license and we are all about it. Not only do they serve perfect teas, both hot and iced, but they have expanded their expertise to unique and inspired handcrafted cocktails that combine the exquisite tastes of their teas with adult beverages. Their ideal location in downtown Fayetteville just puts the experience over the top.

BONUS! Our real estate team has expanded to the Pinehurst area and our girls Megan and Andrea weigh in with some of their local favorites!



Mason’s Restaurant & Grocery

What one reviewer call their, “excellent food, cute vibes, and the staff are total gems,” Mason’s is an Aberdeen favorite. Whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or cocktails, try Mason’s Restaurant and Grocery for their fresh ingredients and nod to the south. Their Nashville hot chicken sandwich, Birdie, and fried green tomatoes are just a few of their items that get rave reviews.


Whispering Pies

This pizzeria is worth the drive. Whispering Pies is the Whispering Pines, North Carolina nod to all things sweet and savory, with their full menu of specialty pizza pies, complete with gluten free and cauliflower crust options. Our girl Megan is a major fan of their cauliflower crust. Whether you love a traditional pizza or you love branching out with BBQ chicken or margherita, be sure to try their garlic knots and wings as well!

Have you and your family tried any of these places before? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like to let us know, and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. We put out blog posts like this one every month!


  1. Love whispering pies and I don’t even really like pizza…it’s just THAT good.

    Tried Masons for the first time last week and I was super impressed. I’ll be back for sure!!

    Liked by 1 person

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