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6 Things to Know Before You PCS to Fort Bragg

We here at The Signature Group are team of real estate agents with Keller Williams Realty. We are passionate about connecting you to Fayetteville, North Carolina and making Fort Bragg way more than just a PCS.

We help buyers, sellers, and investors navigate the real estate process, and our expertise doesn’t stop there! We share our heart for our rich community through our blog and aim to highlight all of the positive aspects of America’s Hometown for you.

This month, we would love to highlight six positive things everyone should know before they PCS to Fort Bragg.

# 1. Choosing where to live

There are a LOT of options, that might seem a little overwhelming. You and your family can always choose to live on post, or you can choose Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Raeford, Spring Lake, Pinehurst, or Sanford, to name a few. It all just depends on which side of Fort Bragg you will work on, and what you want your commute to look like. The installation, known as the “center of the military universe,” covers about 251 square miles (approximately 161,000 acres) and has a population of about 260,000 people.

Our primary goal on this blog is highlight the positive aspects of Fayetteville and the surrounding areas for you! We also have a team in Pinehurst with all of the inside info.

# 2. Housing costs

Fayetteville is a very attractive place to buy because of the lower than average home prices and the lower cost of living. Fayetteville itself is also one of the closer commutes to base, depending on where you work. The commute from Raeford is improving due to continued construction on a freeway that will eventually connect with I-95.

# 3. Weather

Fort Bragg enjoys fairly mild weather that won’t typically require your warmest winter gear, as most of the surrounding areas rarely see snow and ice. Be prepared for some hot and humid months in the summer. Check out this website for the average temperatures.

#4. Fun things to do

We love to encourage everyone to get off post, stray away from Skibo Road (although you will find a plethora of restaurants, Target, and other amenities there for sure), and explore the area. There is truly so much to do and see. Here are just a few of our blog posts with suggestions:

29 Fun Girls Night Ideas in Fayetteville
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25 Creative & Romantic Dates for Fayetteville

Our number one suggested spot to begin your exploring is in historic downtown Fayetteville, where we have a minor league baseball team, restaurants, antique stores, museums, and an arts theatre. It’s a great date night destination!

#5. The community

Because Fort Bragg is the largest military base in the world, it makes up a huge part of the population in Fayetteville. The permanent residents are accustomed to the transient and demanding nature of being military, and it is likely that many of the people you meet will have some personal experience with what it takes to live the life. The community is typically very proud and supportive of our service members and their families and can be very welcoming and accepting as a result. You may even notice this when it comes to employment opportunities for family members.

Check out this blog post titled “What we wish people knew about Fayetteville.”

#6. The Lending Closet

Last but not least, if you were not aware, the Army has a lending closet! While waiting for shipment or travel, you can borrow all of the things! Pots, pans, microwaves, cribs, and mattresses are just a few of the useful items you can borrow (for FREE) while you wait. Click here for the Fort Bragg lending closet.

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If you find yourself with orders to Bragg, we hope that you find this blog post useful! Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever. We would love to be a friendly local resource for you, and as most everyone on our team is a family member of someone who serves, please be assured that we get it, and we are here for you.

Leave your thoughts or questions in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like to let us know, and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. We put out blog posts like this one every month!

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