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5 Things to Do for Mother’s Day in Fayetteville

The Signature Group is a team of real estate agents with Keller Williams Realty, passionate about connecting you to Fayetteville, North Carolina’s community and making Fort Bragg more than just a PCS.

We help buyers, sellers, and investors navigate the real estate process, and our expertise doesn’t stop there! We share our heart for our community through our blog and aim to highlight all of the positive aspects of America’s Hometown.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. For our Fayetteville moms who are looking for some fun family activities, here are five local suggestions to make your day great!

1. Check out the Botanical Gardens.

The Cape Fear Botanical Garden is a favorite spot for locals to host balls, awards ceremonies, and charity functions. They also host their own fun filled events often and having a membership is not a bad idea! Visiting in the spring is, of course, a favorite to see flowers and Dogwoods.

2. Get some sweet treats.

Fayetteville is home to many local bakeries and sweet shops. The family can surprise mom with some treats, or she can be gifted with a visit to pick out her own favorites! Check out our blog post here for some suggested bakeries.

3. Dine Downtown.

Our downtown Fayetteville has many dining options. From authentic New Orleans cuisine, to Italian and more, all of your foodie needs can be met right here! Check out our downtown dining guide here.

4. Go for a family walk.

While we have many local parks to enjoy, we also have several walking trails. If you and your family enjoy getting outdoors and walking, running, or biking together, check out this blog post here!

5. Start your beach season early and head to the coast.

One of the pleasures of Fayetteville is that, while we have a lot of fun things to do locally, we have even more within driving distance. The beaches of North Carolina do not disappoint, and many are only a two hour drive. Check out our blog post for some of our team’s favorite beach destinations for day trips or for longer stays.

Have you and your family tried any of these places before? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like to let us know, and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. We put out blog posts like this one every month!

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